How Long Does it Take to Resolve a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

Mass Tort Lawsuits involve several plaintiffs against one or more companies being sued and can take months or years to resolve. Learn more about how long it takes to resolve Mass Tort Lawsuits.

How Long Does it Take to Resolve a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

Some mass tort cases end after a few weeks, when legal advisors from both parties reach a settlement. Other types of mass tort lawsuits remain active for several years. There is no fixed or “typical” timeline for a class action tort lawsuit, such as the one filed against a pharmaceutical company for manufacturing a dangerous drug. The claims process can be resolved quickly, while other cases may require several years of investigation, interviews with expert witnesses, negotiations and litigation.

Your personal injury lawyer can offer a more personalized estimate of what you can expect. These are just a few of the factors that influence how long it will take to resolve a mass tort case. There are times when these cases are resolved in a matter of months, but it often takes a little longer. Unfortunately, some cases can take years to resolve simply because of the complexity of the case. While these cases may take a year or more to reach an agreement, it is necessary to start this process.

If you suffer an injury from a dangerous drug or a defective product, you deserve compensation for your injuries. The last phase of a mass grievance is settlement or resolution. The time frames for reaching a settlement vary, as some mass tort lawsuits are more complex than others. It can take months or years, but most of these cases eventually resolve. Trials are time consuming and expensive, so it's often in everyone's best interest to reach a settlement without having to take every case to trial.

Even if a trial is won, there is always the possibility of appealing. The same goes for a lost case. Once resolved, the court divided the compensation based on each plaintiff's individual damages. The time it takes for a mass tort case to be resolved is unpredictable. Cases may be resolved in a matter of months, but it will likely be years before a settlement can be reached.

This is a category of mass tort that includes injuries caused by exposure to hazardous or harmful chemicals in the environment. This is because a class action tort lawsuit involves several plaintiffs against one or more of the companies being sued. With several lawyers, numerous victims, and several lawyers involved, case management is critical in mass tort cases. Mass tort lawsuits also allow lawyers to treat their clients as individuals, thus adjusting to individual needs. An example of a massive product liability tort is injuries caused by medical devices, such as surgical meshes, bone implants, or knee replacements. By starting the mass tort process with an attorney on your side, you can protect yourself and your future, striving for the maximum possible compensation every step of the way.

A mass tort case is a type of case filed against a company when the company's products or services have harmed several people in some way. In class tort litigation, on the other hand, each individual files their own lawsuit separately, but the cases are jointly handled by a judge for trial, discovery, and legal resolution. Other consumers may then discover that what they are experiencing is due to a defective product, which would make them want to get involved in a mass tort case. In a normal personal injury case, defense attorneys consult records from the past ten years, but in mass tort litigation, they will review your entire medical history. During a tort class action lawsuit, each client can help direct and guide the case, as well as meet their own compensation needs.

Attorneys consolidate mass tort lawsuits by filing them together, making it faster and more convenient for everyone involved. For example, cases involving defective products, harmful medical devices, or dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are all common mass tort actions, as any of these products can harm large groups of people in a similar way. However, a personal injury lawsuit is not a tort in and of itself, since the lawsuit is the legal process of judging the tort. By starting the process with an experienced attorney on your side you can protect yourself and your future striving for maximum possible compensation every step of the way.